Roy and Niels

Roy and Niels

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Stopping Power App for Android

We (as in APTG) have just released the dE/dx Android app on Google Play!

Screnshot of the dE/dx app, ver. 1.0 from my LG Nexus 4 phone.

The app is written by student Casper Cristensen in collaboration with the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Engineering at Aarhus University. The app is based on the stopping power library libdEdx-1.2.1  which was presented in an earlier blog entry here.

The cool thing about the app is that all tables are stored locally on phone (this is why it needs access to USB memory), so no network access is necessary - useful if you want to look up stopping power while working in a shielded area with no network.

In summary the features are:
  • ICRU 49 and ICRU 73 (revised version) electronic stopping power tables
  • MSTAR tables provided by Helmut Paul
  • BETHE_EXT00, a generic algorithm as used in SHIELD-HIT12A. Applicable for any ion to all 278 ICRU compounds (beware, use with care, can be off at lower energies), .
  • no network access needed after installation
  • calculation of CSDA range of particle in target material
  • inverse CSDA lookups possible (if you need to figure out what specific energy is needed to produce a certain range in a material.

Disclaimer: of course we do not claim correct reproduction of any of the data, use at own responsibility!

Thanks to:

  • Casper Christensen (programming this app)
  • Jesper Rosholm Tørresø (being Casper's supervisor and our contact person to the engineering school)
  • Jakob Toftegaard (writing most of the libdEdx backend and webpage)

Enjoy! :-)

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